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Dog bites can occur without warning. An animal that appears to be placid can, out of nowhere, attack both children and adults when its territory is threatened. Many pet owners insist their animals are safe when they are not. As a result, thousands of animal attack injuries occur every year. Some of them are even fatal to victims.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a dog attack, Marcereau Law Group is ready to protect your rights, especially where owner negligence or carelessness has been the cause. We understand the complicated nature of dog bite incidents. That is why we conduct our own investigation into the matter to determine the facts and how best to proceed on your behalf.

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California Law & Dog Attacks

In California, you can seek financial compensation if you are bitten by a dog:

  • While you are in a public place
  • While you are lawfully on private property
  • While you are legally on the property of the dog owner

Even if the dog owner has no knowledge of the dog’s aggressive tendencies, you are still within your legal rights to make a claim against the owner. The only requirement is that you were bitten without provoking the animal or threatening it.

Unfortunately, the majority of people bitten by dogs are children, followed by the elderly. These attacks can often cause serious bodily injury as well as emotional scars that may never fully recede. You deserve compensation for your pain, suffering, and bodily damage.

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Whatever the circumstances of your injuries from a dog bite, you need a strong advocate who can prove fault and negotiate a proper settlement for the injuries you have suffered. Our firm has proven itself to be a leader in recovering fair and just compensation for personal injury claims. Let our Irvine dog bite lawyers protect your rights while we pursue what is in your best interests at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.

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