Case Results

Our Recent Case Results
Defective Highway
Judgment against the California Department of Transportation for defective highway design in Los Angeles.
Defective Bridge
Settlement from the California Department of Transportation for defective bridge design in San Francisco.
Emotional Distress
Verdict on behalf of school volunteer who was framed for crimes she didn't commit.
Auto Accident
Jury Verdict for auto accident victim who suffered a broken pelvis
Wrongful Death - Big Rig Truck
Settlement for a Motorcyclist killed when a Big Rig Truck made a right hand turn. Heavily disputed liability case that settled just before trial.
Fertility Malpractice
Fertility Clinic mistakenly used the wrong sperm in a couple's IVF procedure, resulting in a child that was not biologically related to the father.
Cervical Disc Injury
Settlement on behalf of a woman who required a cervical disc replacement after an auto accident.
Medical Malpractice
Settlement for family that was the victim of a botched fertility procedure that resulted in a child born a different race than the parents.
Motorcycle Accident
Settlement for a motorcycle accident victim who lost a testicle due to collision with a car who ran a red light in San Francisco.
Car Accident
Settlement for an accident victim who was cut off by a car making a left-hand turn on PCH in Laguna Beach.
Mishandling of Remains
Jury verdict for a family in San Diego whose loved one was cremated prior to scheduled viewing.
Rideshare Settlement
Settlement for car-accident victim against a major rideshare company in Los Angeles.
Motorcycle Accident
Settlement for motorcycle rider whose leg was severely injured after colliding with debris that fell off a construction company truck in Los Angeles.
Child Injury
Settlement for a child partially blinded in one eye caused by classroom horseplay.
Child Injury
Settlement for a student seriously injured in a school playground accident.
Medical Malpractice
Settlement for family whose child was born with serious birth defects due to faulty genetic screening.
Motorcycle Accident
Settlement for a motorcyclist who was in a head-on collision with a car in San Francisco. The motorcyclist suffered a disfiguring injury to her ankle and lower leg.
Motorcycle Accident
Judgment for a lane-splitting motorcyclist who was cut-off by a merging vehicle in Riverside. The motorcyclist suffered hip injuries and had chronic pain.
Head-On Collision
Settlement for a person injured in a head-on collision at an intersection in Los Angeles.
Motor Vehicle Accident
Judgment for a motor vehicle accident victim in Santa Rosa. The victim suffered multiple rib fractures that required internal fixation surgery.
Rear-End Accident
Settlement for a rear-end accident caused by a person who was texting and driving. Our client suffered herniated discs in her lower back.
T-Bone Accident
Settlement for the victim of a T-Bone accident in Laguna Beach. The victim suffered a 30% reduction in vision in one eye.
Motorcycle Accident
Settlement on behalf of a motorcyclist who was involved in a solo accident. The lawsuit was against a repair shop who replaced the front tire approximately one month earlier.
News Article
Rob Marcereau gets $500,000 for solo motorcycle accident victim.
Defective Tire on
Settlement for a motorcyclist in Huntington Beach who was involved in a solo accident due to a defective tire.
Child Abuse
A child had been groped by an after-school tutor in Contra Costa County. We proved that the after-school program ignored red flags of prior, inappropriate behavior by this tutor with other students.
Motorcycle Accident
A child was discriminated against and ridiculed by her second-grade teacher in the San Francisco Bay area, causing her extreme anxiety. As a result of our lawsuit, the teacher was terminated.
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