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Protecting Our Children: Addressing Student and Teacher Sexual Assault in California Schools
February 21, 2024
Student-on-student sexual assault is a serious and prevalent issue in California schools. Yet, many schools fail to take the necessary steps to protect their students from these t...
Choosing a Child Injury Lawyer
February 20, 2024
When seeking justice for your child's injury, particularly in cases such as birth injuries or other unintentional injuries, it is crucial to choose an experienced child injury law...
California Extends Time For Adults to Make Claims For Child Sexual Abuse
February 19, 2024
In a landmark move, California has significantly extended the timeframe for adults to make claims for child sexual abuse, a decision that marks a pivotal moment in the fight again...
Hazing Incidents at Mater Dei High School: The Failure of Administrators to Address Dangerous Behavior
February 18, 2024
Hazing has long been a problem at high schools and colleges across the country, and Mater Dei High School is no exception. In recent years, there have been several incidents of ha...
Student-on-Student Sexual Abuse: Our Child Injury Lawyers Are Fighting To Stop It
February 16, 2024
Sexual abuse is a tragedy when it happens anywhere; however, it has become a growing problem in our school system. While many parents think about student sexual abuse where an adu...
Our laws must catch up with the rise in fertility clinic misconduct
October 19, 2023
The increase in fertility clinic misconduct not only puts patients at risk, but also undermines the public’s trust in the industry. Rob Marcereau Partner , Marcereau Law Group P...

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